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Asado Outdoor Grill and Cooking Frame with Griddle/Plancha, Fire Basket & More

With Chapa/Plancha/Flat-Top, Grill, Fire Basket and Hanging Shelves. Tom Bray at Country Fire Kitchen. Use with Wood and/or Coal. Richard – 07950 629 855. We also had a large 3phase electric flat-top plancha for the burgers that were finished off on the the grill part of this outdoor cooking frame. Height: 1.8 meters. Width: 1.5 […]

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Argentine Iron Designer Indoor Grill Asado BBQ

This is no regular indoor grill; its a state-of-the-art grilling rack inspired in the traditional Argentine meaty feasts and the gaucho cowboy’s mastery in working with fire. A 3-way adjustable height separates this indoor grill from all others, allowing you to control the temperature to cook steak, potatoes, veggies, chicken, or seafood evenly. Our indoor […]

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BBQ Grill Argentine Parrilla Asado Grill Insert 85cm

BBQ Grill Argentine Parrilla Asado Insert. The Parrilla Gaucha grill is both extremely durable, and practical, designed with removable grates and drip pan for easy cleaning. Coming as a standard with all Parrilla Gaucha BBQ’s. All our Parrilla grills come standard with metal frame, removable enamel grates, front drip pan and a galvanised crank & […]

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Argentine Iron Set Asado Parrilla Argentina Brazier + BBQ Fireplace Tools

Large Brazier and BBQ Fireplace tools. The products are very resistant, and with superb heat distribution, youll find it easy to put together restaurant-quality meals with the fantastic flavor only fire brings to the table. Shovel and Poker Set for Coal and Wood. The BBQ Fireplace tools Designed to handle wood and coal comfortably and […]

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Argentine Argentina Iron Grill Asado Parrilla Argentino Barbecue

Small: 60x40cm (23.6×15.7in). Medium: 80x50cm (31.5×19.6in). Large: 100x50cm (39.3×19.6in). All food tastes better when kissed by smoke and fire, and not just meat, its everything from veggies to seafood. This means an open fire and a versatile iron grill is the only thing you need for spectacular outdoor grilling experiences, get-togethers, and dining alfresco with […]

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Argentinian Grill Asado parrilla Grill Argentine parrilla Grill BBQ

Argentine Asado parrilla Grill. Parrilla – The Must Have bit of kit to get you up and running as an Asador. The grilling surface is 13mm mild steel. The dimensions are 90cm x 50cm grilling area plus the drip tray. The back legs are 25cm and the front legs 24cm so the fat collects in […]

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Argentine Asado BBQ Cross By Sizzle Grills

Argentine Asado BBQ Cross. Asado’on the cross’ or’a la cruz’ – perfect for cooking a whole lamb, goat or small pig. The Sizzle Grills Argentine Asado Cross is the proper head-turning bit of kit for whole animal grilling in true Gaucho style. It might appear daunting but it is far easier than you would imagine […]

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Argentinian Asado Charcoal Grill BBQ Wood fired

This high quality grill has v griddles to catch the fat run off to stop flare ups and has an adjustable grill system. It has a aluminium handle and a stop knob to keep the grill at your desired height. Comes with wall mounted brackets as per the photos. The fire basket to the left […]

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